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Welcome To House Of Li - Home to the Street Food of China - 麗家私房菜 - 中國街頭食品之家

House of Li, located at 170 High Street in Motueka is home to the areas most authentic and unique street food of China. Owned and operated by Richard and Li, House of Li is a family orientated and family run business. 

In 2009 Richard went on a backpacking trip through China - this is where he and Li met. Richard asked Li to come to New Zealand. On their travels they mostly ate street food, which is exactly what they offer you at the House of Li in Motueka. The team at the House of Li is, Li Yiung Qim ( Chairman Li), her son Ming Ming Ma (Leo), Jai Hui Li (Judy) and Richard Hurst.

For generations Li and her family have been handing down recipes and cooking authentic food. Available daily from 9am House of Li create spectacular authentic Chinese food using free range eggs,chicken and pork in their dishes. So come to 170 High Street for some genuine street food of China.

Opening Hours / 營業時間

Monday – Sunday / 星期一至星期日

09.00am – 08.00pm 

Phone Number 027 246 0680 Text accepted / 可以短信

Dine In or Takeaway / 店裡用餐或外帶均可

Home to the street food of China / 中國街頭食品之家


The Menu

Mains 电源

Chinese Dumpling | 中國餃子
Six for $6.00 or Fifteen for $11.00
Pork & Vegetable

Jian Bing | 煎餅果子
$9.00 each
Traditional savoury Chinese pancake with free range eggs,
spring onion, black sesame seeds and bean paste. A must try !

Bao Zi | 包子
Two for $6.00 or Three for $9.00
Steamed buns stuffed with mince pork & vegetables.

Rou Jia Mou | 肉夾膜
$7.00 each
Stuffed oven baked buns with braised free range pork with Chinese spices.

Boa Bun | 荷葉餅
$7.00 each
Stuffed steamed buns with braised free range pork salad.

Braised Beef Noodle Soup | 紅燒牛肉面
Slow braised beef soup with Chinese spices and hand-made noodles.

Wonton Soup | 餛飩湯
Hand-made wontons comes in seaweed stock with egg.

Egg & Tomato Noodles | 西紅柿雞蛋麵
Freshly made noodles mixed with home-made egg and tomato gravy.

Zong Zi | 粽子
$6.00 each
Traditional Chinese steam rice pudding with dates,wrapped in bamboo leaves.

Our Guarantee to You
We use Free Range Eggs, Chicken, and Pork in all our dishes !!!
No MSG or artificial flavouring 

Desserts & Sweets 甜點

Traditional Mooncake | 傳統月餅
$3.00 each or two for $6.00 
Oven baked biscuit stuffed with nutritious nuts and dry fruit.


Snow Ball | 雪球
$3.00 each of two for $5.00
Thin glutinous rice pastry stuffed with fresh cream and seasonal fruit.


Drinks 飲料

Fresh Fruit / Vege Juice | 鮮榨果汁
$5.00 each 500ml
Choose your favourite flavours from our Flavour Board to make up your drink !

The real Chinese Tea | 純正中國茶
$3.00 per person
Made from traditional Chinese tea leaves and freshly brewed to order
Green Tea / 上等鐵觀音
Chrysanthemum / 菊花茶


Our Customers Say...

Yum falafel kebab, lots of fresh veg, healthy and delish. Even had quinoa in the falafel I think. Wish I had been more adventurous though and tried the Chinese Naan and Salad. Free range pork, chicken and eggs which is awesome, and really friendly staff. Recommended!!

Anne H.

Excellent food!! Dumplings are the best I’ve had in the region! Highly recommend visiting Li Very friendly.

Simon B.

Excellent sweet and savoury combo crèpes. The dumplings are to die for, and it's even free range organic! Absolutely will come back!


The dumplings are DELICIOUS and love that they use free-range eggs, chicken and pork ?

Emily L.

Wow! Delicious dumplings, Chinese crepes and Chinese naan. Great value too

Anne H.

Love Love loooove the dumplings. Absolutely delicious!! And the Chinese pancake. Yum! Just like what I tasted in China!!! Yum!

Mia A.